Can You Microwave Multiple Items at Once?

Microwaves make reheating food so quick and easy, but sometimes that might not feel enough. So, we end up cramming more and more things into the microwave, right? But, can you microwave multiple items at once? Yes, you can microwave multiple items at once if they require the same cooking time and have compatible heat … Read more

Is it Okay to Run a Fridge That’s Empty?

My fridge is ALWAYS full, but I know a few people who keep their fridges empty for long periods of time. But can this cause damage to the fridge? So, can you run a fridge that’s empty? Yes, it’s generally okay to run an empty fridge. However, an empty fridge may experience more temperature fluctuations … Read more

Can You Run a Dishwasher Without Detergent?

Dishwashers have been a great replacement for the traditional method of washing dishes in the sink. I remember all the liquid detergent needed to was dishes in the sink, as opposed the the seemingly smaller quantities of detergent needed for a dishwasher machine. However, can you run a dishwasher without detergent? While you can technically … Read more

Can a Dishwasher Run on Cold Water?

Dishwashers have really helped us save time with cleaning up. I certainly don’t miss the older days that made my fingers all wrinkly from washing dishes in the sink. But a common question I hear is if you can run a dishwasher with cold water. So, can a dishwasher run on cold water? Yes, a … Read more

Can An Air Fryer Overheat? Risks & Precautions

I love my air fryer! Aside from being convenient, it cooks so well too. But I often have this irrational (or rational?) fear of my air fryer overheating… So, can an air fryer overheat? Yes, an air fryer can overheat if it is used improperly, such as blocking air vents or using it at temperatures … Read more

Why Do Non-Stick Pans Warp? (And What to do About it!)

I hate getting myself a brand new non-stick pan, only for it to warp after a few months of usage. Today we’ll find out why non-stick pans warp and what we can do to try and prevent it from happening to your next one! So, why do non-stick pans warp? Non-stick pans can warp due … Read more

Why Does Slow Cooker Food Taste Bland? (And how to fix it!)

I often try some of my favorite recipes in a slow cooker rather than cooking them on a stovetop. However, the slow cooker versions always tastes bland compared to the traditional way. So, why does slow cooker food taste bland? Slow cooker food can taste bland because the long, slow cooking process can dilute flavors … Read more

Why do Slow Cookers Crack? (Safety Tips Included!)

Slow cookers are wonderful. I’ve used them countless times and occasionally left them on while I was at work or overnight. However, I’ve recently heard concerns about their cracking. I made the decision to look into the cause of slow cooker cracking. Here is what I discovered: Slow cookers only break in one of three … Read more